A French brand of the Eram Group founded in 2009, Faguo creates clothing for living fully between city and nature. Its unique positioning in the French ready-to-wear industry aims to engage our generation in the fight against climate change.

Faguo wanted its points of sale to embody this mission with a strong identity, and naturally chose the Fairly architectural firm (Nantes) to assist in the deployment of its stores (currently 25 stores, with a planned roll-out of 30 new stores within 3 years). Fairly and Faguo share responsible values and are committed to a sustainable future.

60% biobased, 40% recycled, 75% recyclable, 100% sustainable

From the very beginning of the project, Fairly's ambition was to follow a circular economy approach, while respecting a budget per square meter that would allow the brand and its affiliates to deploy their products. One of the keys to this responsible concept is choosing sustainable materials and using second-hand furniture.

The materials used are:

  • biobased (manufactured entirely or partially from materials of biological origin and having a limited environmental and health impact, compared to materials produced from petrochemicals)
  • recycled
  • recyclable.

An awakening of the senses, between city and forest.

The concept offers an immersive experience by bringing the forest and nature into the city. The story that is told here aligns the brand's DNA with its physical expression, allowing its key values to “breathe” through the use of materials that awaken the senses: hay, solid wood, plastic pellets, cardboard, textiles, etc.

The furniture connects nature and the urban environment: oak is paired with both steel legs and plastic terrazzo panels.

The hut-like cabins, whose walls are covered with the "Alpage et Bleuets" model, combine hay and flower petals, providing these spaces with visual and acoustic comfort accompanied by a deliciously rustic fragrance.

The fit-out of the Faguo stores was naturally entrusted to Bio Création Bois, an eco-responsible commercial shopfitting company based in the Loire Atlantique region, known for its commitment to responsible production, in the broadest sense of the term: use of ecosourced materials, geographical proximity and emphasis on human values. Upholding these values, the company used the 100% natural SuperOrganic by Oberflex covering on the vertical walls of the fitting rooms.

Construction + fashion, toward a more sustainable tomorrow?

Fairly and Faguo have proven that it is possible to have a responsible, refined and distinctive concept, but also to do better, including in the most resource-guzzling and waste-generating sectors such as construction and fashion.

A pioneer since its creation, FAGUO uses carbon footprint to measure its CO2 emissions, reduces them by using recycled materials and offsets the remaining emissions by planting a tree for each piece made. FAGUO is transparent about all its activities and engages its generation towards healthier ways of dressing, for example by promoting second-hand clothing.

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