For fire safety, the fire reaction is standardised at a French and European level in a highly regulated manner. It is characterised by materials being described as fuel for a fire (combustibility and flammability).

Passive fire protection is a key challenge for interior design in general. The safety standards imposed by the safety commission require strict compliance, which is why manufacturers, constructors, installers and operators must provide proof of the material’s fire classification by presenting the fire reaction test report. Those tests involve determining how long a building material can perform its function under the effects of a fire. Materials are classified based on the results of the various tests.

Concrete LCDA products’ classifications

Our concrete products offer significant fire resistance:

  • European fire classifications:
    • Euroclass B-s1, d0
    • Euroclass A2-s1, d0 on request. This option is available for certain models in standard sizes with specific mounts (gypsum fibreboard)
  • International fire classifications:
    • USA: ASTM E84 | Class A / Smoke index 0 / Flame spread index 0
    • CANADA: CAN UL 102

You can find all our fire reports and certifications on our downloads page.

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