Panbeton®, the lightweight concrete panel

panneau beton mur interieur

Panbeton®: Concrete panels for your interiors

The Panbeton® range of concrete cladding represents the core of the Concrete LCDA brand’s expertise. This iconic collection of ultra-lightweight panels made of high performance fibre-reinforced concrete features more than 40 different designs inspired by Brutalist architecture.

The exclusive technology used to make Panbeton® cladding is ideal for the design of your interior spaces.

Large, lightweight slabs
Easy to cut
Front made of genuine concrete
Simple installation & bonding process

Each Panbeton® panel has facing made of genuine, raw, fibre-reinforced concrete and an ultra-lightweight, technical panel at the back. These light, easy to cut and install concrete panels, specially designed for interior décor, provide a simple solution for using a genuine, raw material to create a contemporary ambiance.




Fire reaction
Fire reaction
Thermal shock resistance
Thermal shock resistance
Sealer protection
Sealer protection
VOC A+ rating
VOC A+ rating
Washable with water
Washable with water
Light resistance
Light resistance


Thin and lightweight, Panbeton® decorative panels can be applied to walls and ceilings, or even be used to dress up furniture.
They can be attached to any kind of solid, clean, dry and dust-free supporting material using an adhesive (Den Braven Hybrifix 550 Sealant is recommended for our products). Diamond tools are used to cut and drill the panels (a cutting kit is available on request).

The panels are quick to install with little handling. Given their size, we recommend handling the panels by their edges, always with two people.

See our installation manual for more detailed information.

All Panbeton® panels undergo a protective treatment, applied by our teams at the workshop. With its matte appearance, this “Treatment D” is a dust fixative that protects panels from stains.
An enhanced water repellent “Treatment S” is also available on request. It is recommended for use in areas with a significant risk of spatter and/or with heavy foot traffic. It produces a slightly satiny look.

All our products are easy to clean using a damp microfibre cloth (potentially with a neutral, non-corrosive cleaning product like black soap).

Our R&D team are here to help with your projects. We can create your own Panbeton® panel design, develop a colour just for you or personalize your creations by adding patterns, logos, distressing or paint, inlaying metal, and so on. Concrete is easy to mould to any wishes, so let your imagination run wild!

Discover our personalization options.

Technical characteristics

Panbeton composition

DIMENSIONS • Standard: 2600 x 900 mm | 102.36" x 35.43''
• Certain models:
2600 x 1200 mm • 3500 x 900 mm • 3500 x 1200 mm
102.36" X 47.24'; 137.80" X 35.43" & 137.80" X 47.24"
(General tolerance of +/- 3 mm | 0.12'')
FINISHES Light pitting • Medium pitting • Heavy pitting (depending on the model)
THICKNESS 15 to 25 mm (depending on the model) | From 0.6" to 1"
(general tolerance of +/- 3 mm | 0.12'')
WEIGHT PER M² 12 to 18 kg/m² | From 25 lbs to 30 lbs /m2
FIRE RATING • Euroclass B-s1, d0
• USA : ASTM E84 : Class A / Smoke index : 0 / Flame spread index : 0
• Canada : CAN 102
• Option : Euroclass A2-s1, d0*
*by request (standard size only, depending on the model & with specific supporting material: gypsum fibreboard)
SEALER PROTECTION • Standard: Dust and stain prevention fixative
• Optional: Enhanced water repellent treatment
INSTALLATION Den Braven Hybrifix 550 adhesive, adheres to clean, dry, dust-free and solid walls.
For panel installation on a surface other than Placoplatre®, please consult with us.
CUTTING Diamond blade (flat); mitre saws, drills, hole saws and other blades can also be used; possibility of have our teams do the cutting for you (optional)
CLEANING Use a damp microfibre cloth and a neutral (non-corrosive) cleaning product like black soap.

Bespoke concrete customizations

Our exclusive Panbeton® technology can be adapted to any bespoke project. Our R&D team are at your disposal to jointly examine your customized concrete cladding project for your interior. Various aspects of our Panbeton® panels can be tailored to your needs:

• Dimensions • Textures • Motifs • Colours • Lettering / Logo

Panneau béton mur intérieur - personnalisation logo laiton Panneau béton mur intérieur - personnalisation peinture Sanding and stencilling
Basic, metal or embossed inlays Paint Stencilling

Brutalist architectural inspiration

Panbeton® is able to recreate streamlined atmospheres inspired by renowned Brutalist architects the likes of Le Corbusier and Tadao Ando, sources of inspiration for Concrete LCDA, especially its iconic scaffolded concrete panels. Here, concrete appears in its simplest expression, asserting the beauty of its raw state in a transition between interior and exterior. Once installed, Panbeton® cladding looks like real concrete walls formed on site.

Concrete LCDA partners with renowned designers to ensure it can offer a rich collection of decorative panels with singular textures.

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