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Installation panneaux en béton
Panbeton® Fold

The LCDA studio presents the latest addition to the Panbeton® collection, a concrete panel with a linear ideal for your interior spaces.

Innovation : Panbeton® Curved

Curved concrete panels to enhance the creative potential of your interior designs.

Panneau béton
Decorative Brutalist concrete for your interiors

Decorative concrete panels, with more or less texture and markings, directly inspired by Brutalist architecture.

Table béton
Concrete bespoke tables

La table, élément central de l’aménagement intérieur, favorise l'interaction sociale et le partage, tandis que le choix du matériau, comme le béton, influence son esthétique, sa durabilité, sa fonctionnalité et sa facilité d'entretien, en apportant modernité, adaptabilité et robustesse.

Plaque béton mural Concrete LLCDA
Concrete panels and plates for cladding walls

Concrete LCDA’s decorative panels offer a simple solution for cladding your interior in concrete. Whether you choose Panbeton® concrete wall panels or the smaller Slimbeton® concrete tiles, they will easily add style to your interior to create a contemporary, industrial or brutalist design.

plafond béton pose
A concrete ceiling: installing decorative panels

It is definitely possible to install Panbeton® and Slimbeton® panels on the ceiling to create a brutalist style in your interior space. See how this is done and take inspiration from completed projects.

Respect de l'environnement
Environmental policy

Concrete LCDA does its utmost to reduce the environmental impact of its product manufacturing operations. Every day, we are committed to an ongoing improvement process to protect the environment through complementary approaches in order to find new and helpful solutions that suit the environmental challenges of the future.

Classement feu Concrete LCDA
Concrete LCDA products’ fire classifications

Passive fire protection is a key challenge for interior design in general. The safety standards imposed by the safety commission require strict compliance, which is why manufacturers, constructors, installers and operators must provide proof of the material’s fire classification by presenting the fire reaction test report.

High quality Concrete
Our concrete’s genuine properties and high performance

Our product is extremely lightweight, ultra high performance fibre-reinforced concrete with effective protection against scratches and stains. Its high quality and performance are the result of many experiments and our expertise.

Bespoke concrete fittings and furnitures
Designer, innovative concrete

Concrete LCDA is in love with this material. Concrete is our favourite material when creating our innovative products. It can be exposed, designer, mineral or trendy, and offers a multitude of design possibilities, to the delight of designers, architects and clients alike.

Panbeton® collection by Neri&Hu 2021
Panbeton® collection: Gèn 亘 by Neri&Hu

Thanks to our collaboration with the designers Neri&Hu, Concrete LCDA is able to unveil Panbeton® Gèn 亘. The raised lines of this Brutalism-inspired design are a nod to Chinese culture.

Graphite concrete panel Panbeton®
Panbeton® collection by Jean-Philippe Nuel

Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel has created a new model of ultra-lightweight, high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete panels for Concrete LCDA, called “Graphite”.

Covering of concrete furniture
Concrete furniture cladding using decorative panels

As a finishing touch on your interior décor, our Slimbeton® and Panbeton® fibre-reinforced concrete panels provide harmonious cladding for your concrete furniture.


Thumb HD EXPO trade show concrete design
Concrete LCDA at HD Expo, Las Vegas

Concrete LCDA is excited to present its interior architecture innovations at the HD Expo + Conference in Las Vegas from 2 to 4 May 2023. This is a big step for the decor product manufacturer, with this event providing a great opportunity to present its latest Panbeton® lightweight concrete wall panels collections.

Concrete door cladding
Concrete panels to dress up doors

Interior décor also includes cladding for your door, made possible thanks to our Panbeton® and Slimbeton® technologies, which fit perfectly with the design of your choice.

Studio LCDA Collection
Panbeton® collection by Studio LCDA: Striation, Lines and Rugged

This Panbeton® collection created by Studio LCDA adopts the main characteristics of Brutalism in three different designs, Striation, Rugged and Lines.

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