Installation panneaux en béton
Panbeton® Fold

The LCDA studio presents the latest addition to the Panbeton® collection, a concrete panel with a linear ideal for your interior spaces.

Innovation : Panbeton® Curved

Curved concrete panels to enhance the creative potential of your interior designs.

Panbeton® collection by Neri&Hu 2021
Panbeton® collection: Gèn 亘 by Neri&Hu

Thanks to our collaboration with the designers Neri&Hu, Concrete LCDA is able to unveil Panbeton® Gèn 亘. The raised lines of this Brutalism-inspired design are a nod to Chinese culture.

Studio LCDA Collection
Panbeton® collection by Studio LCDA: Striation, Lines and Rugged

This Panbeton® collection created by Studio LCDA adopts the main characteristics of Brutalism in three different designs, Striation, Rugged and Lines.

Graphite concrete panel Panbeton®
Panbeton® collection by Jean-Philippe Nuel

Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel has created a new model of ultra-lightweight, high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete panels for Concrete LCDA, called “Graphite”.

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