plafond béton pose
A concrete ceiling: installing decorative panels

It is definitely possible to install Panbeton® and Slimbeton® panels on the ceiling to create a brutalist style in your interior space. See how this is done and take inspiration from completed projects.

Concrete door cladding
Concrete panels to dress up doors

Interior décor also includes cladding for your door, made possible thanks to our Panbeton® and Slimbeton® technologies, which fit perfectly with the design of your choice.

Covering of concrete furniture
Concrete furniture cladding using decorative panels

As a finishing touch on your interior décor, our Slimbeton® and Panbeton® fibre-reinforced concrete panels provide harmonious cladding for your concrete furniture.


Plaque béton mural Concrete LLCDA
Concrete panels and plates for cladding walls

Concrete LCDA’s decorative panels offer a simple solution for cladding your interior in concrete. Whether you choose Panbeton® concrete wall panels or the smaller Slimbeton® concrete tiles, they will easily add style to your interior to create a contemporary, industrial or brutalist design.

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