Designers collaborations

Concrete LCDA regularly partners with renowned French and international designers to offer a rich collection of decorative panels in unique textures. Those designers are passionate about the material and have contributed great innovations. Thanks to their enthusiasm, our collaborations have been enjoyable and enriching.

Jean-Philippe Nuel Designer
Jean-Philippe Nuel

Based in Paris and New York, Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel is an internationally renowned name in luxury interior design. The staff of 30+ employees at Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel put their expertise to work for hotel chains, private residences, concept stores, corporate head offices and cruise ships.

Neri & Hu designers
Neri and Hu

Renowned Shanghai-based designers Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are the founding partners of Neri&Hu and Design Republic. Whether through objects of intimate daily use or vessels of inhabitation, they seek an approach to design that draws from multiple disciplines.

Jean-Marie Massaud designer
Jean-Marie Massaud

Since the beginning of his career, Jean-Marie Massaud has been working on an extensive range of works, stretching from architecture to objects, from one-off project to serial ones, from macro environment down to micro contexts.

Designer matali crasset
matali crasset

An internationally renowned French designer, she has defended design as an artistic, anthropological and social practice. The designer has played a fundamental role for Concrete LCDA as she took the reins of the company's art direction from 2010 to 2015.

Concrete Panel Mica collection
Sebastian Herkner

Since Sebastian Herkner, a German designer, established his own studio alongside the design of exhibitions and trade fair presentations his second focus has been on designing everyday objects. He has designed furniture, lamps and smaller items for manufacturers. His works have won numerous accolades.

Patrick Norguet Designer
Patrick Norguet

An icon of French Design, Patrick Norguet likes to flesh up, to breathe life into myriads of scenario, as sexy as they are useless, exempting themselves from elucidations, multilingual in their forms as much as through their functions.

Designers français normal studio
Normal Studio

Issu de Montréal, l'équipe de Normal studio se spécialise en conception visuelle, notamment les panneaux décoratifs. Grâce à la collaboration avec Concrete LCDA, les designers canadiens ont créé le Panbeton® Délicate, design issu de la collection décoratif.

Designer Rodolphe Parente
Rodolphe Parente

Marqué par l’excellence des décorateurs ensembliers comme Pierre Chareau ou des architectes comme Carlo Scarpa, Rodolphe Parente développe son studio à Paris dédié à l’architecture intérieure, au mobilier pour des projets exclusifs pour lesquels il allie et capte à sa sensibilité des détails, celle de la maîtrise des savoir-faire.

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