Interplay of materials and shapes: precise and even, concrete plays with clever contrasts of light to highlight contemporary creations with successful minimalist touches, skilfully laid out in geometric designs. 

Discover the Panbeton® Geometric concrete panels Collection, ideal for modern and elegant interior design

Panbeton modern, geometric interior design


Thin and lightweight, Panbeton® decorative panels can be applied to walls and ceilings, or even be used to dress up furniture.
They can be attached to any kind of solid, clean, dry and dust-free supporting material using an adhesive (Den Braven Hybrifix 550 Sealant is recommended for our products). Diamond tools are used to cut and drill the panels (a cutting kit is available on request).

The panels are quick to install with little handling. Given their size, we recommend handling the panels by their edges, always with two people.

See our installation manual for more detailed information.

All Panbeton® panels undergo a protective treatment, applied by our teams at the workshop. With its matte appearance, this “Treatment D” is a dust fixative that protects panels from stains.
An enhanced water repellent “Treatment S” is also available on request. It is recommended for use in areas with a significant risk of spatter and/or with heavy foot traffic. It produces a slightly satiny look.

All our products are easy to clean using a damp microfibre cloth (potentially with a neutral, non-corrosive cleaning product like black soap).

Our R&D team are here to help with your projects. We can create your own Panbeton® panel design, develop a colour just for you or personalize your creations by adding patterns, logos, distressing or paint, inlaying metal, and so on. Concrete is easy to mould to any wishes, so let your imagination run wild!

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