Our priority objective and jointly shared goal is to sustainably grow the company and make it a key player in the concrete innovation sector for interior architecture. This means a sustainable company, both environmentally in terms of our resources as well as ethically and socially, as these are all key levers for balanced, untroubled growth.

Bespoke concrete fittings and furnitures

Designer, innovative concrete

Concrete LCDA is in love with this material. Concrete is our favourite material when creating our innovative products. It can be exposed, designer, mineral or trendy, and offers a multitude of design possibilities, to the delight of designers, architects and clients alike.

High quality Concrete

Our concrete’s genuine properties and high performance

Our product is extremely lightweight, ultra high performance fibre-reinforced concrete with effective protection against scratches and stains. Its high quality and performance are the result of many experiments and our expertise.

Respect de l'environnement

Environmental policy

Concrete LCDA does its utmost to reduce the environmental impact of its product manufacturing operations. Every day, we are committed to an ongoing improvement process to protect the environment through complementary approaches in order to find new and helpful solutions that suit the environmental challenges of the future.

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