It is definitely possible to install Panbeton® and Slimbeton® decorative panels on the ceiling to style your interior space. Slimbeton® concrete plates are particularly suited to this type of installation due to their smaller size, thinness and light weight, which make them easier to handle and use.

For this type of installation, you must follow specific instructions:

  • Ensure that the mount is compatible with this installation (PlacoPlatre®-type material: flat, dry, sound and clean).
  • Using adhesive: Same instructions as for vertically-installed panels (please refer to our installation manual).
  • Each panel must be held in place for at least 24 hours using props. We recommend using sacrificial wedges to protect the panels’ finish.
  • Refer to our full installation manual.

For more inspiration, take a look at the completed projects below which include concrete ceilings created with our products: 

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