Given the current environmental damage caused by exponential, irresponsible growth, it is important to impart our values and commitments to our products and services in order to develop innovations while moving towards a new, more lasting, balanced and sustainable model of society. Our company therefore offers transparency about our environmental initiatives in order to avoid being seen as only focussing on our competitive advantages. We want to also be seen as a leading environmental player in the concrete interior architecture and contemporary furnishing décor innovation market.

RSE environnement

Every day since our company’s founding, we have been committed to an ongoing improvement process to protect the environment by using complementary techniques to create new and helpful solutions to suit the environmental challenges of the future. Our HPC (High Performance Concrete) technology is a process that enables us to reduce our water and cement consumption and offer a product with a minimal quantity of concrete, which optimises our social responsibility as a company. 


We do our utmost to reduce the environmental impact of installing our products. 


Those products comply with the French regulations DEVP0908633A of 30 April 2009 and 0910046A of 28 May 2009 in terms of VOC (volatile organic compound) emission requirements. Our products are rated A+ (products with low or no VOC emissions) as they are made of inert materials and do not alter air quality, nor do the surface treatments and adhesives that we use.


Concrete LCDA operates internationally and knows that in order for the company to meet the current environmental and social challenges, we need to create new analysis tools such as the ones that Concrete LCDA obtained thanks to the LEEDS certification. This American certification is independently verified by a third party and confirms that a building, dwelling or community has been designed and built using strategies to achieve greater performance in the key areas of health, people and environment. In fact, we have been members of the US Green Building Council since 2009 and our products can help achieve several LEED credits: low emissions, recycled content, water savings, wood certifications, indoor environment quality, and environmentally-friendly site organisation. This enables our company to inform our partners and the public over time of our efforts to combat climate change across the value chain.


Not only is Concrete LCDA transforming itself in order to better incorporate the question of common goods but we are also actively working with other companies. We have been part of the Ober group since 2017, uniting our two companies with our related business lines and strong values. Those close ties form part of a vast chain of responsibilities encompassing manufacturers, freight transporters and retailers. Through our global yet locally-focused role, our ability to awaken our conscience enables all of those joint initiatives to be achieved.


Concrete LCDA understands that our success relies on that of our ecosystem. This represents ground-breaking intuition.


That mentality, involving all of Concrete LCDA’s stakeholders including managers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and consumers, shows genuine consistency within our increasingly resilient model of sustainable value creation. Each person helps to achieve Concrete LCDA’s environmental ambitions. And the company itself plays a key role in the best interests of society as part of a more socially inclusive and environmentally-caring economy.

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