Concrete is a very contemporary mineral material, which contributes to creating a high-end look.

Concrete LCDA’s success story grew out of a genuine love of the material. Concrete is our favourite material for all our product innovations. It can be exposed, designer, mineral or trendy, and offers a wealth of design possibilities, to the delight of our R&D team, designers, architects, creators and clients alike!

“One of the things we love about concrete is its endless range of looks. Concrete is an ancient material that earned its stripes thanks to leading designers. At Concrete LCDA, we are passionate about this historical, technical and, for us, ultra contemporary material.”

Our concrete innovations enable us to simply recreate refined styles inspired by brutalist architects such as Le Corbusier and Tadao Ando, from whom Concrete LCDA takes inspiration.

Unique expertise

Since Concrete LCDA started, we have continued to offer innovative solutions to the challenges posed by our material: concrete. We experiment with and develop cutting-edge technology to make it a lighter, solid, highly stain resistant and customisable material. Our fibre-reinforced concrete recipe is the result of numerous experiments and it gives our products great durability and looks.

Thanks to our Beton Lege technology, we are constantly pushing the limits of the material. Our concrete is lighter and thinner. We can offer our clients the option of never-before-seen designs and shapes.

Decorative panels, custom-made furniture, commercial fittings and even domestic designs for kitchens and bathrooms: customers can find what they need thanks to our products and expertise.

Unlike faceless corporations, our company can respond quickly and be extremely innovative. Our entire team shares the same goal: striving for quality to deliver a high-end product. Our finished products feature a flawless finish, precise colours and textures, and meticulously processed parts delivering unrivalled durability.

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