Indoor air quality


Our products comply with the French regulations DEVP0908633A of 30 April 2009 and 0910046A of 28 May 2009 in terms of VOC (volatile organic compound) emission requirements. Our products are rated A+ (for products with low or no VOC emissions) as they are made of inert materials and do not alter air quality, nor do the surface treatments and adhesives that we use.

Panbeton® & Slimbeton® follow French regulation on VOC emissions DEVP0908633A of the 30 April 2009 and DEVP0910046A of the 28th of May 2009. Our products have obtained A+ qualification for air quality requirements, in compliance with the NF EN ISO 16000-9 standard.

Certification A+ COV

A+ certifications comply with the VOC limits and total VOCs thresholds set by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Standard Method v1.2–2017 table 4.1. The third-party certifying laboratories are accredited under ISO/IEC Guide 17025 and tests report are less than 3 years old.

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