Our next generation concrete is breaking into new fields such as design and interior decoration. This new trend is largely inspired by the so-called ‘modernism’ movement based on strong shapes and functionality. Key figures in that movement include Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer, Adolf Loos and Auguste Perret.

Concrete is a blend of cement (acting as the binder), aggregate (sand and gravel), water and additives. Its quality and performance depend on those of its components and their ratios.

Previously people talked about concrete, but today we must talk about concretes as there are many different types. This material used to be quite forgiving and its performance was not significantly affected by its manufacture or use. However, new concretes offer much high levels of performance. Concrete in all its compositions is now the second-most consumed material in the world, after water.

Concretes form a family with Very High Performance Concretes (VHPC) and Ultra-High-Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concretes (UHPFRC). They share the property of containing minimal water (only 35 litres per cubic metre compared to 110-120 litres per cubic metre for traditional concrete) and deliver maximum properties.

Concrete LCDA does not manufacture structural concrete pieces. Our core business is creating fibre-reinforced concrete panels and furnishings for interior decoration.

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