When Marotte met Farouche, a conversation about the love for wood is what led to the desire to work together. From this collaboration was born the "Marotte x Farouche" collection. This collection is a fusion between sculpture and wood veneering, two of Marotte’s well-established areas of expertise. Marotte channels its original know-how through Anna Le Corno’s eyes, bringing a fresh and modern touch to this new collection.

Farouche created four patterns—Typha, Limòn, Atoma, and Vertigo. Available in twelve wood species and three different colors of substrates. Each combination uniquely brings out the grain of these wood species.

The patterns

Wood species

In wanting to reveal the material, Farouche has chosen two groups to express her art. One that is “Classic” and includes seven different varieties of soft and elegant woods :

Birch Alba MT28 01


Birch Alba MT28 03


Oak Aurea “ Blond” MT2-15


Oak Aurea MT2 22


Ash Excelsior MT4 10


Ash Excelsior MT4 21


US Walnut Sepium MT12 10




The other is “Wild”, taking advantage of the unique natural beauty of the grain of these noble woods. In the Wild group, we used a special jointing method.

Royal Ebony

MarottexFarouche_ebène blanc

French Walnut

MarottexFarouche_noyer de france

Frake Arlequino

MarottexFarouche_Fraké bariolé

Macassar Ebony

MarottexFarouche_ebene de macassar





All the varieties in the collection with their specific jointing options are also available without sculpture.


Face First choice natural wood veneer
Thickness 17 mm
Standard dimensions

2500 x 1220 mm - 3000 x 1220 mm

except Macassar Ebony and Royal Ebony : 1220 x 1220 mm

(first dimension indicates the wood grain direction)

Finishing Extra mat varnish
Fire resistance On demand
Sustrate MDF (natural, black or grey according to the wood species)

All over matching for engraved patterns

(for identical panels dimensions)


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