Oberflex edging strips are specially designed to cover the edges (thickness) of veneered panels, shelves, furniture doors, etc.

Perfectly complementing Oberflex finished (or unfinished) wood laminates and Marotte fine wood panels, the edging strips cover the entire panel thickness and create a solid and homogeneous effect without leaving unsightly marks on the planed edge.


Wood edges

The edge bandings are available for all wood species offered in the Oberflex collections and Marotte wood panels.

  • Non pre-glued bandings : 2520 x 25 mm or 3050 x 25 mm
  • Non pre-glued roll : lenght of 75 ml x 25 mm width
  • Pre-glued edges (banding or roll) : upon request
  • Others widths or conditionning : upon request


            Jointing for continuous edge banding rolls

For wood edge banding rolls, the veneer is end-jointed by scarfing. This technique of cutting and gluing the edges into elongated scarfs is designed to make the joint less visible and enhance the mechanical strength of the construction.

Solid color edges

The edge bandings are available for all the references offered in the Pure Paper Color collection. 

  • Thin edge bandings (without kraft paper) : non pre-glued bandings : 2520 x 25 mm or 3050 x 25 mm
  • PVC 1 mm (in roll) : 23 mm width. Lenght of 25 ml or 100 ml
  • Others thicknesses, widths or conditionning : upon request

Installation guide


The Oberflex edge banding can be applied to all kinds of base having a perfectly flat surface (shipboard, MDF, plywood…). They are perfectly adapted to forms of straight or curved edges.


Manual : We recommend the use of contact glue based on polychloroprene. Then proceed to an energetic masking. Mechanical : We recommend the use of melt glue such as Hot Melt ou Hot Melt polyurethane applied to a minimum temperature of 210°C to optimize the adhesion of glue to the paper support.


Levelling and triming can be done with multi-tool blades mounted on portable outcrops or edge banding.

Machining for textured surfaces

Using a router plane equipped with a small-diameter guide is recommended to achieve a precise and neat result. read more

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