Obersound® acoustic panels are designed to improve acoustic comfort in interior spaces by reducing sound reflection. Used on walls or ceilings, they improve speech intelligibility and sound clarity.

The perforations in the decorative cladding give these panels an additional function: sound absorption. The partial absorption of sound waves significantly reduces the sound reverberation and the effects of resonance or echo.

Obersound perforation patterns can be applied to all Oberflex decorative surfaces (real wood, solid colors or metal). They are divided into 4 collections and are customizable.

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Acoustic performances

The acoustic absorption performance of an Obersound panel is defined by the average absoption coefficient αw. This coefficient varies between 0 and 1 :

Very absorbent material = 1
High reflective material = 0

The values by frequencies (from the lowest 100Hz to the highest 5000Hz) listed in the sound absorption curve that allow a more accurate assessment of the performance according to a type of place and its use.

These values are assessed in a laboratory according to the ISO354 standard, a reverberant acoustic chamber where the panels are laid out in situ, using scenarios described in the test report (foam or rockwool caracteristics, plenum height,...).

Obersound panels, which can be fitted with reliefs, changes in planes or curves, also contribute to a homogeneous sound diffusion.

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