Established in East of France since 1920, Oberflex specializes in manufacturing and distributing decorative surfaces and acoustic solutions for interior design. The company offers numerous collections integrating wood, paper, metal, solid surface, suitable for all types of projects (offices, hotels, restaurants, shop fitting, public or residential buildings). Ober is an EPV labelled company. Oberflex's strength is to put its know-how into the service of innovation by constantly offering new technical and aesthetic solutions.


Anti-fingerprint Color collection

New anti-fingerprint solution

Discover Color Anti-Fingerprint, the new collection with an anti-fingerprint finish.

Fabriqué en france

A 100% French production

Oberflex has been designing and manufacturing in Eastern France at its original site since 1925.

Matériauthèque en ligne

La Matériauthèque online

Wood, concrete, metal, colors, ... 3 clicks to select and combine design products adapted to your project. Create, save and share your material boards.


We come to you

Mark your calendars: Oberflex exhibits and invites you to discover its latest innovations at the best trade shows.

Auguste Debouzy

New office for August Debouzy

A change of address and decor for August Debouzy: Oberflex panels made with American elm take pride of place.

acoustic panel_Obersound

Obersound acoustic panels

Help to improve the acoustic comfort of an interior space. Discover the various perforation patterns, whether they are invisible or, on the contrary, very detailed for maximum decorative impact.

Zoom SuperOrganic by Oberflex

SuperOrganic by Oberflex

100% natural decorative surfaces made from plant materials (alpine hay, flower petals, wood straw...) and arranged on a linen canvas. A true sensory experience!

About Marotte

About Marotte

Dedicated more than 70 years to interior fitting and high-end cabinetry and offering an exceptional choice of quality products.


Oberflex Living Heritage Company - EPV Label

These three letters are the distinctive sign of the companies that keep the know-how alive and perpetuate a high quality standard.

Oberflex Library

Ober ’s materials library sets up shop in Paris

Architects, designers or students can now discover the entire Oberflex and Concrete LCDA collections in a rich and creative space. An ideal opportunity to explore the variety, the reliefs and the textures of each collection.

Obersound configurator

Create your own acoustic panel

A new tool to explore all Obersound acoustic solutions

Innovation Awards 2021

Innovation Awards 2021

SuperOrganic wall coverings have been recognized as the ultimate innovative, beautiful and healthy design solution.

lunettes 1

Shelter eyewear manufacturer

This young brand of wooden glasses, creative and virtuous, relies on Marotte know-how to produce high quality glasses.

Tectonique 5.5 Ceilings

Tectonique 5.5 suspended ceiling system

A new collection of ready-to-install suspended ceilings. With Tectonic 5.5, you can create new patterns and 3D ceilings from a new and standardized fastening system.

Prestige d'Oberflex

The "Prestige d’Oberflex" collection is growing

New models and a return to the great classics

indoor air quality

Oberflex panels classified A+ for indoor air quality

We spend on average 85% of our time in closed environments, therefore, indoor air quality has become a major health concern.

Obersound acoustical wall panels

Improving an interior space’s acoustic comfort

Consists in defining objectives in terms of acoustic characteristics, taking into account how the space is to be used (meeting room, restaurant, lobby..). This will help regulate the reverberation, diffusion and/or absorption of sound waves.

Oberflex services

Oberflex services

Oberflex is dedicated to architects, acoustic consultants and specifiers to ensure optimal success conditions for each project, by making available, the resources of its cutsomer service support.

Staron Solid Surface

Staron® solid surface

Staron® Solid Surface is a solid, homogeneous and non-porous material that can be processed like wood.

Obersound catalog

New Obersound catalog

Discover all of Obersound's acoustic solutions through the catalogue, an essential working tool for acousticians, architects and specifiers.

50 d'innovations Oberflex

50 ans d'innovations

C’est en 1968 que Oberflex invente le premier panneau stratifié en bois véritable, né de la rencontre d’un savoir-faire traditionnel d'assemblage des bois, et de la mise au point de la stratification à chaud, qui confère à la surface du bois une résistance exceptionnelle.

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