Custom production

With its know-how and industrial equipment, Oberflex is able to provide precise answers to the most specific expectations :

  • Gluing the sheets onto substrates
  • Custom-made panels according to the plan and a cutting list
  • Edge treatment (veneered edges)
  • Edge machining (rebated, grooved, bevelled machining, etc.)
  • Acoustic machining
  • Lacquering
  • Varnish

Technical support

The Oberflex technical department unites specialists in the wood sector, construction professionals and experts in the domain of regulation and normalisation (environment in particular). Oberflex makes the skills of these professionals available to its clients for technical optimizations and to lend their experience to the installation of Oberflex products :

  • How to specify
  • Pictures library
  • Technical data sheets
  • Price studies
  • Technical studies - Optimization of cutting lists
  • Special products and customizations
  • How to installation recommendations
  • Acoustic performances
  • Environmental characteristics
  • Fire rating
  • Maintenance



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