Metal d'Oberflex new textures
New 3D textures on metal

Six new emblematic textures in aluminium, steel, bronze, copper, brass and gun metal, like a metal sculpture worthy of meticulous craftsmanship.

Fabriqué en france
A 100% French production

Oberflex has been designing and manufacturing in Eastern France at its original site since 1925.

We come to you

Mark your calendars: Oberflex exhibits and invites you to discover its latest innovations at the best trade shows.

searching color
Custom stained wood

Oberflex produces custom shades to match the original vision of the architect or designer as closely as possible.

indoor air quality
Oberflex panels classified A+ for indoor air quality

We spend on average 85% of our time in closed environments, therefore, indoor air quality has become a major health concern.

SuperOrganic by Oberflex

100% natural decorative surfaces made from plant materials (alpine hay, flower petals, wood straw...) and arranged on a linen canvas. A true sensory experience!

SuperOrganic story
From mountain grass to decorative panel

Interview with Joseph Schlatter, also known as "Peppi", a farmer in the Austrian Tyrol, whose organic hay is used in the composition of some of our SuperOrganic cladding models.

Oberflex Living Heritage Company - EPV Label

These three letters are the distinctive sign of the companies that keep the know-how alive and perpetuate a high quality standard.

Basic by Oberflex
Basic by Oberflex

Basic by Oberflex, an economical wood solution for your large-scale projects.

Oberflex Library
Ober ’s materials library sets up shop in Paris

Architects, designers or students can now discover the entire Oberflex and Concrete LCDA collections in a rich and creative space. An ideal opportunity to explore the variety, the reliefs and the textures of each collection.

Tectonique 5.5 Ceilings
Tectonique 5.5 suspended ceiling system

A new collection of ready-to-install suspended ceilings. With Tectonic 5.5, you can create new patterns and 3D ceilings from a new and standardized fastening system.

Prestige d'Oberflex
Selection of species with strong characters

8 species specially chosen for their strong character and decorative qualities.

HQE - Oberflex

The HEQ (High Environmental Quality Standard) is an approach that was launched in 1996 and is aimed at controlling the environmental impacts of a building construction

Prestige d'Oberflex
The "Prestige d’Oberflex" collection is growing

New models and a return to the great classics

Obersound acoustical wall panels
Improving an interior space’s acoustic comfort

Consists in defining objectives in terms of acoustic characteristics, taking into account how the space is to be used (meeting room, restaurant, lobby..). This will help regulate the reverberation, diffusion and/or absorption of sound waves.

Ceilings applications MCDo
Ceiling solutions

Whether they are in wood, color or metal, Oberflex surfaces are suitable for suspended ceilings on "T" profiles or Tectonic 5.5 ceilings.

Maison du Chocolat furniture display
Furniture applications

Oberflex surfaces are suitable for making furniture (store display units, counters, etc.) or furnishing elements (dressing room cladding, alcoves, benches, shelves, etc.).

Door application
Doors applications

The benefits of using Oberflex laminate panels for doors…

Wall application
Wall application

The many installation techniques for Oberflex wall panels vary depending on each project, its characteristics, the deadline, the work habits of the shop fitter, etc.

Wood is beautiful and good
Wood is both attractive and green

Wood is a carbon sink and a renewable material. It provides clean energy, energy savings, stores Co2 and is recyclable.

Oberflex laminate
What is a laminate ?

The laminate trade, its fabrication and installation, by journalist Christophe Lahaye.

Oberflex services
Oberflex services

Oberflex is dedicated to architects, acoustic consultants and specifiers to ensure optimal success conditions for each project, by making available, the resources of its cutsomer service support.

Wood veneer
The manufacturing process of wood veneer

Discover the manufacturing process of wood veneer....

lunettes 1
Shelter eyewear manufacturer

This young brand of wooden glasses, creative and virtuous, relies on Marotte know-how to produce high quality glasses.

Oberflex for retail projects

The 10 good reasons to use Oberflex panels in store layout

The linear a style to adopt

Whether they are horizontal, vertical, linear or in a random pattern, the lines set the tone !

Nouvelle collection Color Anti-Fingerprint
Color anti-fingerprint

New anti-fingerprint surfaces

Search for products by application, by material, by color or by texture

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