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SuperOrganic by Materio
SuperOrganic at Materio’s

Materio presents SuperOrganic by Oberflex, highlighting the environmental qualities of this new wall covering.

Oberflex laminate
What is a laminate ?

The laminate trade, its fabrication and installation, by journalist Christophe Lahaye.

Innovation Awards 2021
Innovation Awards 2021

SuperOrganic wall coverings have been recognized as the ultimate innovative, beautiful and healthy design solution.

lunettes 1
Shelter eyewear manufacturer

This young brand of wooden glasses, creative and virtuous, relies on Marotte know-how to produce high quality glasses.

hotel la cachette
Myah's favourite

Discover what Patriarche brand Myah has to say about the SuperOrganic by Oberflex collection.

JDN Couv
The Oberflex newspaper

Welcome to the Oberflex New Products Journal, where innovation is at hand and aesthetics and quality are the norm.

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