Wall application
Wall application

The many installation techniques for Oberflex wall panels vary depending on each project, its characteristics, the deadline, the work habits of the shop fitter, etc.

Maison du Chocolat furniture display
Furniture applications

Oberflex surfaces are suitable for making furniture (store display units, counters, etc.) or furnishing elements (dressing room cladding, alcoves, benches, shelves, etc.).

Door application
Doors applications

The benefits of using Oberflex laminate panels for doors…

Ceilings applications MCDo
Ceiling solutions

Whether they are in wood, color or metal, Oberflex surfaces are suitable for suspended ceilings on "T" profiles or Tectonic 5.5 ceilings.

Oberflex for retail projects

The 10 good reasons to use Oberflex panels in store layout

bijoux oberflex
A material highly prized by designers and object creators

Art takes on a new dimension with Oberflex veneers! Talented designers transform these materials into magnificent jewellery and unique objects.

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