Fabriqué en france
A 100% French production

Oberflex has been designing and manufacturing in Eastern France at its original site since 1925.

The veneer jointing
Video on wood processing

Discover in pictures how real wood laminate is made at Oberflex Marotte workshops.

Oberflex Living Heritage Company - EPV Label

These three letters are the distinctive sign of the companies that keep the know-how alive and perpetuate a high quality standard.

searching color
Custom stained wood

Oberflex produces custom shades to match the original vision of the architect or designer as closely as possible.

lunettes 1
Shelter eyewear manufacturer

This young brand of wooden glasses, creative and virtuous, relies on Marotte know-how to produce high quality glasses.

Obersound acoustical wall panels
Improving an interior space’s acoustic comfort

Consists in defining objectives in terms of acoustic characteristics, taking into account how the space is to be used (meeting room, restaurant, lobby..). This will help regulate the reverberation, diffusion and/or absorption of sound waves.

carved panels
3D carved panels

The carved panels, also called 3D panels, come from the Marotte workshops whose know-how in this field has been recognized for many years in France and internationally.

About Marotte
About Marotte

Dedicated more than 70 years to interior fitting and high-end cabinetry and offering an exceptional choice of quality products.

Wood veneer
The manufacturing process of wood veneer

Discover the manufacturing process of wood veneer....

Varnish and laquers

Oberflex unfinished wood panels must be coated with a varnish to protect the wood surface. Oberflex offers the application of a solvent-free varnish, extra matte or satin, applied in the factory in 2 layers.

Wonder Finish
Wonder Finish oil

Wonder Finish is a monocoat, waterless and solvent-free oil that protects wood while preserving its natural appearance. It enhances contrasts and reveals the depth of the wood.

veneer slicing
Veneer slicing

Veneer selection and assembly impact the aesthetic of a wood panel. Learn about veneer transformation techniques

Assemblage du placage tranché
Veneer jointing

When manufacturing a woodworking panel, the veneer jointing technique determines the aesthetic aspect of the final panel. Know more on veneer jointing techniques.

Metal d'Oberflex new textures
New 3D textures on metal

Six new emblematic textures in aluminium, steel, bronze, copper, brass and gun metal, like a metal sculpture worthy of meticulous craftsmanship.

JDN Couv
The Oberflex newspaper

Welcome to the Oberflex New Products Journal, where innovation is at hand and aesthetics and quality are the norm.

Search for products by application, by material, by color or by texture

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