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micro rainures
Obersound micro-grooved panels

A series of acoustic panels with a multitude of microscopic grooves for exceptional absorption.

JDN Couv
The Oberflex newspaper

Welcome to the Oberflex New Products Journal, where innovation is at hand and aesthetics and quality are the norm.

Nouvelle collection Color Anti-Fingerprint
Color anti-fingerprint

New anti-fingerprint surfaces

Metal d'Oberflex new textures
New 3D textures on metal

Six new emblematic textures in aluminium, steel, bronze, copper, brass and gun metal, like a metal sculpture worthy of meticulous craftsmanship.

Basic by Oberflex
Basic by Oberflex

Basic by Oberflex, an economical wood solution for your large-scale projects.

Obersound catalog
New Obersound catalog

Discover all of Obersound's acoustic solutions through the catalogue, an essential working tool for acousticians, architects and specifiers.

SuperOrganic by Oberflex

100% natural decorative surfaces made from plant materials (alpine hay, flower petals, wood straw...) and arranged on a linen canvas. A true sensory experience!

acoustic panel_Obersound
Obersound acoustic panels

Help to improve the acoustic comfort of an interior space. Discover the various perforation patterns, whether they are invisible or, on the contrary, very detailed for maximum decorative impact.

Prestige d'Oberflex
The "Prestige d’Oberflex" collection is growing

New models and a return to the great classics

Chêne crack et Chêne fleuri
Crack Oak & Pippy Oak

Oak panels with pronounced singular features

Tectonique 5.5 Ceilings
Tectonique 5.5 suspended ceiling system

A new collection of ready-to-install suspended ceilings. With Tectonic 5.5, you can create new patterns and 3D ceilings from a new and standardized fastening system.
Create your own acoustic panel

A new tool to explore all Obersound acoustic solutions

Staron Solid Surface
Staron® solid surface

Staron® Solid Surface is a solid, homogeneous and non-porous material that can be processed like wood.

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