innovation award csie 2023
The CSI award 2023 goes to Oberflex

Oberflex has brilliantly won the prestigious Innovation Award for its outstanding contribution to the cruise ship interiors industry.

exposition Roca gallery
Small Spaces in the City

An exhibition that makes us think about the layout of small living and working spaces in an urban environment, with the participation of Oberflex.

Oberflex Library
Ober ’s materials library sets up shop in Paris

Architects, designers or students can now discover the entire Oberflex and Concrete LCDA collections in a rich and creative space. An ideal opportunity to explore the variety, the reliefs and the textures of each collection.

Innovation Awards 2021
Innovation Awards 2021

SuperOrganic wall coverings have been recognized as the ultimate innovative, beautiful and healthy design solution.

We come to you

Mark your calendars: Oberflex exhibits and invites you to discover its latest innovations at the best trade shows.

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