The Bayadères collection consists of 3 models - New-York, Auckland and Oxford - each available in 3 variations that can be combined to create patterns for unique and personalized wall coverings.

The panels are made of natural and stained wood. The choice of woods, the composition of he patterns and the dimensions of the veneer strips are meticulously orchestrated for a very contemporary effect.


The Auckland collection combine 2 distinctive and harmonious timbers: Louro Faia Jacea chesnut with ash grey Birch Alba.



The Oxford Collection is made from Fumed Eucalyptus, Boag Oak Iskar and Fumed Oak Aurea; 3 veneer species exclusive.



The New York collection is made from Sycamore Luther, Black Tulip wood Endron and grey Koto Kefe.




Face  Marqueterie de bois naturels et teintés

Standard : 2500 x 1220 mm

Doors : 2150 x 950 mm

(first dimension indicates the wood grain direction)


Standard : pre-sanded veneer

Upon request : matte water-based varnish


Standard : 3 plies of veneer

Upon request : laminated backer, MDF, particle board

Fire rating  On demand



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