Just as there does not exist two identical layers, there are no two identical projects. This is why Oberflex offers, for each project, to order samples for each of the references listed in its catalogue. The samples can be ordered directly on the website under the headings "products" or "Le Matériauthèque" or directly from your sales representative. Samples delivery worldwide within 72 to 96 hours is subject to immediate availability.

Custom orders, prototypes and color search

  • Signage, institutional logo and other graphics by laser engraving, mechanical engraving, machining, marquetry, inlays, digital printing, screen printing, ...
  • Colors available on request: for a specific project, for a store concept, for a new visual identity... Oberflex's Research and Development department produces several hundred custom colors each year. They are produced within a few days to a few weeks depending on the availability of materials and the complexity of the request. Find out more
  • Prototypes: Oberflex will provide you with large size samples to help validate your selections and give you a better feel of the aesthetics and the rendering of products if necessary. Samples are made upon request from your Oberflex sales representative.

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