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Micro-grooves 0.2 mm wide. The sound wave penetrates the panel through the multitude of micro-grooves and is trapped in the MDF core, thus limiting the reverberation of sound in the interior space.

Obersound microgrooved acoustic panels are available in the following Oberflex natural wood or colors:

Composition: Oberflex decorative surface (wood or plain colors) + 16 mm MDF substrate (natural or black) + balancing counterface + black felt on the rear side.

Panel dimensions: custom-made according to an elevation drawing and/or a cutting list. Maximum panel dimension: 3000 x 1200 mm

Total thickness : 18 mm

Fire rating : M1. Other on demand

Acoustic performances : αw = 0,90

More infos about acoustic

Obersound - How to specify form.pdf Technical Datasheet_Obersound_MR04.pdf

Acoustic performance

Image panel MR01
Courbe MR04