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MC-detail Detail 20 cm x 20 cm Trame MP05 Full size panel PDF File Datasheet Micro perforation MPW095 & MP05W065.pdf PDF File Obersound - How to specify form.pdf
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The 0.5 mm micro-holes spaced 1.8 mm apart are particularly discreet and are only perceptible when you look a few centimeters away from the panel. The sound wave penetrates the panel through this multitude of micro-holes (+/- 250,000 holes/m²) and is trapped in the MDF core thus limiting reverberation. Customizable model on configurator.

The micro-perforation 0,5 mm is available on Oberflex collections:

  • Oberflex Prestige - all species, mat or brushed finish
  • Pure Paper Color Skin - 25 colors

Structure of the panel : Oberflex decorative surface (wood or solid color) + 16 mm MDF substrate (natural or black) + balancing + black felt. 

Standard dimension : 2490 x 1200 mm

Other dimensions : custom-made panels according to a plan and/or a cutting list

Total thickness : 18 mm

Fire rating : M1

Acoustic performances :

  • Micro05W095 = αw 0,95

  • Micro05W065 = αw 0,65 

More infos about acoustic


Datasheet Micro perforation MPW095 & MP05W065.pdf Obersound - How to specify form.pdf

Acoustic performance

Trame MP05