Our ambition

Ober has already taken several major steps to better control its C02 emissions:

  • use of PEFC, FSC or recycled materials
  • development of eco-designed products
  • reasonable management
  • contribution of our products to HQE, LEED, BREEAM requirements
  • investment in a biomass boiler
  • renewal of its fleet with eco-vehicles

We wanted to go further in relation to our carbon footprint, and as such, we have decided to plant 1,500 trees through EcoTree. Trees are genuine carbon sinks we are helping to create them and to preserve the French forest.


By entering into a partnership with the young French startup EcoTree in 2019

EcoTree is calling on all French people to take on a major challenge: to renew and sustainably manage French forests. The startup was born out of an observation: ecological action is not sufficiently encouraged in France. The founders then purchased several forests to sustainably manage them with the expertise of their qualified forestry teams. Nowadays, they extend an offer of ownership to anyone who wants to become a tree owner in these forests.

A meaningful environmental gesture


  • Trees boost biodiversity by providing shelter, food, and protection to several species of birds, insects, small mammals, mushrooms, etc
  • They serve as shelter for animals and facilitate the transition of beneficial species toward the crops.
  • The extinction of a single plant species can cause the extinction of 30 animal species. The biological and environmental richness of forests is the source of life


  • Trees structure landscapes and prevent erosion. They stabilize and regulate soil hydrology and groundwater table levels
  • They improve agricultural crop yields and foster economic diversification for farmers. Their economic and social functions contribute to the well-being of the population


  • Trees produce the oxygen that we need and improve air quality by acting as air filters
  • Ils permettent de lutter contre le dérèglement climatique en séquestrant du CO2
  • They help to curb extreme climate variations through evapotranspiration, and to locally limit extreme climatic phenomena like droughts and floods.

Where to find these trees?

Almost everywhere in France, in forests that are poorly maintained or fallow, or in existing forests that are not under a sustainable management plan.

Ober is proud to be part of such a meaningful project. Indeed, beyond the absorption of tons of carbon, this reforestation fosters biodiversity by becoming the new home of several living species of animals, insects, mushrooms, plants and flowers. This project is also a way to revitalize local employment in a so-called forgotten region and in a sector in demand by asking small local family-owned businesses to manage these forests.  


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