At this stage of the manufaturing process, veneers are going to undertake a specific surfacic treatment to give Oberflex sheets their resistance. The sheets are first composed and then pressed ( also called High Pressure Lamination).

The stitched veneers sheets are taken from the drying tunnel, and layered in a stack of componants called the "sandwich". The sandwich is composed as follows: a few plys of impregrated krafts, the veneer, a specific resin called overlay and a finishing componant bringing the final surface aspect (matte, brushed, relied, satin....).


Then comes the lamination process. The sandwich is pressed at 130 C° temperature (266 F°). Heat and pressure compress and fuse together the different layers of the sandwich, creating a 1mm thick high pressure laminate panel. The overlay layer melts into the wood pores by polymerization. The veneer laminate panels are therefore ready and can resist to all types of aggressions (shocks, scratches, wear, use of detergeants or disinfectants).

During this step of the manufacturing process, the textures of our Textured Woods Collection are created. A textured matrix is added to the composition of the sandwich to give the Oberflex panels surface the texture and reliefs specifc to this collection ( seawood, sablé wood, clawed woods, sawn woods, gator wood.....)

Once out of the press the sides of the panels are trimmed and the back is sanded to facilitate the gluing onto MDF or Particle Board either at the factory or, later on, at the millworker's facilities.

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