Oberflex for retail projects

1. The aesthetic edge

In a sector where brand image and visual impact play an important role, Oberflex decorative surfaces made of wood, metal and solid colours have a rightful place.

2. 100% natural products

Oberflex offers 100% natural, decorative and up cycled surfaces that are particularly suitable for shopfitting without store fittings any impact on the environment.

 3. The Oberflex surface resistance

Recognized for their high durability and ease of maintenance, Oberflex products are coated with an exclusive finish that is particularly resistant to scratches, shocks and UV rays.

4. Cuztomised products

As part of their national or international roll-outs, many brands rely on Oberflex's know-how to develop customized products that are as close as possible to their brand identity.

5. Solutions for all budgets

From 20 € to 200 € per square metre, depending on the model and with no quantity requirements, Oberflex panels fit all budgets. 

6. Acoustic comfort

Oberflex panels with visible or invisible perforations, optimize the acoustic comfort of a commercial space while preserving the architectural concept.

7. Respecting the indoor air quality

Oberflex panels are rated A+ for indoor air quality, which means that the level of emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is zero or very low.

8. Performance and regulations

To meet the requirements in force in France and internationally, Oberflex panels are fire resistant, food contact safe and anti-bacterial.

9. An international presence

With a dedicated organization and competent contacts in more than 40 countries, Oberflex works closely with companies to create conditions for optimal success of each project.

10. Made in France

Offering 100% made in France products, Oberflex, an "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant", upholds a tradition of quality and puts its know-how in the service of innovation.

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