Basic by Oberflex is an offer of fitting panels made out of reconstituted wood veneers, which are coated with the Oberflex finish.

Reconstituted veneers, also called engineered woods, recreate the grain of classic wood species such as oak, ash or walnut or more precious ones like ebony or rosewood.

They are made from trees with quick regeneration and controlled origin such as poplar, ayous or lime. These veneers are stained, overlaid and pressed to reconstitute a “massive” block, which is then sliced into thin sheets of wood.

Basic by Oberflex offers the following features:

  • Homogeneous and infinitely reproducible veneer structure
  • Optimization of the wooden material
  • Controlled origin veneer
  • Economical alternative to rare and precious woods such as Rosewood
  • Alternative to woods of controversial origin such as teak
  • Continous availability


The wooden veneer is coated with the Oberflex finish, which confers a widely reinforced surface resistance to the panel.

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