Thin and flexible panel. Sylvaflex must be bonded on a support panel (plywood, MDF, particleboard...) or on already manufactured joinery elements (doors, counters, furniture, columns, ...). Once bonded, Sylvaflex must be covered with a finishing coat of varnish or oil.

Composition :

Description :

Sylvaflex flexible panels are available in all Marotte's fine wood species

Face :

First choice wood veneer grade "A"(furniture) or "AA" (Architecture)

Backer : 


Finish :

Supplied unfinished (to be varnished or oiled)

Dimensions :

3050 x 1250 mm (all species)

2520 x 1250 mm (not available in reconstituted veneers)

Thickness :

0,6 mm

Bending :

Cold bending radius : 40 mm

Fire rating :