Nicknamed the "reclining residence", the hotel is inclined towards the valley from the fifth floor. A cantilever that gives all its originality to this emblematic place of the arches and that plays with our senses, whether we observe it from the outside or the inside.

"La Cachette is a building with a strong architectural component. We wanted to reinvent it as a modern and comfortable place to live, integrating an eco-responsible vision, while respecting its history, architecture and design. In a word, its original spirit. We were lucky enough to be able to work on this project with the Patriarche agency, which was able to reinterpret the premises perfectly," comments Laurent Chelle, co-founder of Friendly Hotel Collection.

Inside, the emphasis is on raw materials, wood, compressed straw and natural materials. SuperOrganic Panels (Printemps, Alpage et Bleuets et alpage & Rose...) enhance the rooms, creating a warm atmosphere and a strong visual link with the landscape. It's a call to resourcefulness and relaxation!

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