The embodiment of the Made in France label

The EPV French label rewards, above all, the rare know-how on which Oberflex has built its reputation. Its strength is to have been able to reconcile tradition and innovation with the same leitmotiv: creativity. Recognized for its prestigious clients in France and internationally, local ties in the East of France have successfully led Oberflex into export markets.

While this label does not change Oberflex’s DNA, it carries with it a strong and symbolic recognition of its passion for its trade. In the factory, gestures passed down from generation to generation to talented men and women embodying exceptional trades is perpetuated. Oberflex prides itself on its craft and industrial fiber as well as a strong attachment to the "Made in France” label.

Beyond pride, being an EPV means embodying the richness of a rare economic heritage. Oberflex is a unique and authentic French company highly qualified in its area of specialization that strives to provide a tailored service and a unique product.

This label makes Oberflex a benchmark of French excellence. Oberflex's heritage and know-how have now been recognized by the French government as a guarantee for customers looking for exceptional quality and 100% French workmanship.


The EPV label in a nutshell

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label is a state distinction awarded to French companies that demonstrate excellent traditional and industrial know-how. It is awarded for a period of five years to manufacturers committed to the high performance of their craft and their products. As a symbol of quality, the EPV promotes a trade and recognizes exceptional know-how.
EPV companies share the same core values: Tradition and Innovation
Know-how / Design, industry/ Passion, Heritage / Future, Local / International

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