"Smart Surface" Magnetic panels

“Smart Surface” magnetic panels on which it’s possible to display items or hang accessories using magnets and write or draw using chalk or dry-erase marker.

Compositions :

Description : 

Reinforced surface resistance thanks to the Oberflex finish (in accordance with the EN 438 standard)

Available references

References from the Prestige d'Oberflex collection

"Skin" references from the Pure Paper Color collection

Finishes :

Satin :  magnetic + writing with dry-erase marker (Pure Paper Color not available)

Matte : magnetic + writing with chalk

Dimensions :

3050 x 1270 mm

Thickness :

1,3 mm

Fire rating :


Magnets :

To display items or hang accessories on the Smart Surface panels, we recommend to use Neodyme magnets.

Maintenance :

Smart Surface panels with satin finish for writing with dry-erase marker

Use a smooth and clean microfiber cloth or a dry-erase eraser. Marker residues can be eliminated with soapy water. For an optimum maintenance, use quality dry-erase markers and insure that they can be erased by proceeding to a test prior to use. If required, proceed from time to time to a cleaning with ethyl alcohol. Dry erase markers storage conditions can influence the maintenance of the panels, store them flat and respect manufacturer’s recommendations.

Smart Surface panels with matte finish for writing with chalk

Use a smooth and clean microfiber cloth or a wet sponge. Special care is required for Smart Surface panels with matte finish as an intensive rubbing can generate a slight polishing of the surface. Make sure the product is adapted to its intended use.