The "Prestige d’Oberflex" collection is growing

14 new models and a return to the great classics

Oberflex is expanding its flagship collection "Prestige d’Oberflex”, showcasing five wood species with timeless aesthetics, which have never stopped being used in the most beautiful interiors:


Botanical name: Acer pseudoplatanus.
The Sycamore Maple is one of the most used continental species. Its white to pale yellow-white wood and plain and distinct texture give it an elegant appearance.

American Elm wood

Botanical name : Ulmus carpinifolia, Ulmus glabra
American Elm is one of the largest hardwoods in eastern America. Its wide, open grain and ribboned texture make for very decorative veneers. With its typical radiant golden-brown tones and light yellow-green highlights, Elm creates a refined atmosphere.


Botanical name : Quercus Alba
Known for its hardness and longevity, oak is a medium-textured wood with a heterogeneous grain. Its beautiful branches or stripes give this light yellow to dark brown species a highly appealing decorative look.

American Walnut wood

Botanical name : Juglans nigra
This particularly elegant wood has a deep gray to golden brown color. With its uniform grain, walnut veneer creates a noble atmosphere.

Ash wood

Botanical name : Fraxinus excelsior.
With its grain marked with open pores, this wood has a typical and expressive personality. White to yellowish-white in color, ash wood is one of the hardwood species appreciated for its technical and aesthetic qualities.

Au-delà d’offrir de véritables arguments esthétiques avec des veinages doux et élégants ou, au contraire, plus intenses et décoratifs, ces essences proviennent toutes de l’hémisphère nord et répondent idéalement aux exigences indispensables de traçabilité et de gestion durable des forêts.

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