Aiming to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment, the company has implemented targeted measures at its production site, such as:

Carbon footprint assessment

Ober was one of the first companies in the wood industry to do a carbon footprint assessment in order to identify the areas that have the highest carbon footprint and to implement actions to reduce its emissions factors. This voluntary approach was completed by the decision to plant 1,500 trees each year. These trees act as carbon sinks, offsetting a significant portion of its emissions.

ISO 14001

The company is deploying an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard to manage improvement plans and anticipate regulatory changes.

Energy efficiency

The company regularly evaluates the energy efficiency of its site through audits. This is a voluntary approach that allows the company to identify ways to improve its energy consumption and to assess the outcomes of its actions.


Ober's Research & Development department strives to constantly improve the production process in order to optimize its economic and ecological performance. All products are designed to minimize their impact on the environment, from material selection and product transformation methods to the consideration of product recycling at the end of the product's life, including the product's use phase.

1. PEFC Certification  / 2. Phenol-free pressing fewer VOCs  /  3. Optimisation of materials  /  4. Recovery of waste heating plant  /  5. Optimisation of transport weight and bulk, CO2 reduction  /  6. Ease of assembly  /  7. Daily life – fewer VOCs, reflection
of light, modularibility, acoustic confort, etc.  /  8. Easy disassembly  /  9. Materials disassembly  /  10. Energy recovery  /  11. Recycling of the wood  /  12. Recycling of the metal  /  13. Localness of suppliers


The Ober Ecolab

The Ober Ecolab is a shared movement within the company that aims to implement all of our ideas, solutions, methods and tools and move the company and its products forward from an environmental standpoint.
Our ongoing approach to progress involves both wood and its derivatives, resins or even the colors that are used in the making of our products.
With the Ober Ecolab, we take up the challenge of combining aesthetic requirements and ecological issues for our decorative products.
"The Ober Ecolab is also the expression of a form of humility in the face of challenges and the progress that still needs to be made to move towards even more eco-friendly products.”


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