The wood veneer is sliced directly into the log in thin layons or leaves of 0,6mm thick. Veneer layons are laminated onto a substrate : MDF, Particle Board or plywood

The aesthetic aspect of the Oberflex veneer panels depend on various factors :

  • the selected veneer characteristics (grain, color, homogeneity, specificities…)
  • the slicing method (quarter cut, flat cut, rotating cut…)
  • the jointing : the way veneer layons will be jointed one next to the other to produce a full panel

According to the technique used to slice the logs, the aspect of the veneer layons or leaves is different. There are three main slicing methods : 

Flat Cut

Flat cut slicing provides a flowered grain veneer

Quarter Cut

Quarter cut slicing provides a straight grain veneer

Rotary Cut

Rotary cut slicing gives a random grain veneer.

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