A material highly prized by designers and object creators


Designed for interior architecture, Oberflex surfaces are conquering new horizons in the world of object creation. More and more designers are seizing on this precious material to give life to objects, whether they are one-off pieces or industrial productions. Oberflex references are now an integral part of jewellery, skis, switches, hi-fi equipment, etc.


Why have Oberflex materials become essential for these creative craftsmen?


1. The precious appearance of Oberflex wood

Oberflex wood is distinguished by its refined and precious appearance. It offers a rich palette of colours and a natural texture that instantly lends a touch of elegance to any creation.


2. A singular design

Object designers are seduced by Oberflex's ability to sublimate the material with original colours and textures. Each sheet of Oberflex wood is unique, which means that each piece made from this material is also unique. This allows artisans to create personalised and original objects that tell a story through their design.


3. An environmentally-friendly choice

Oberflex wood is made from sustainably sourced timber. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for designers concerned about their ecological footprint. The durability of the material also contributes to the longevity of the objects created, reducing waste.


4. Ease of processing

Ease of transformation is a major advantage of Oberflex surfaces. Artisans can cut, machine, bend and shape this material in a variety of ways to create bespoke objects. This adaptability allows designers to give free rein to their creativity without any technical constraints.


5. Resistance to use

Finally, Oberflex wood is renowned for its resistance to wear and tear. Objects made from this material retain their beauty and integrity over time, making them lasting investments for collectors and lovers of quality objects.


In conclusion, Oberflex wood is much more than just a material for interior design. It has become a source of inspiration for designers who appreciate its precious appearance, unique design, environmental commitment, ease of transformation and resistance to use. Whether for jewellery, light switches, skis or other creations, Oberflex wood is the ideal choice for those seeking excellence in their creations. This material fits in perfectly with the growing trend towards creating objects that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

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