Mariotte remains the leading brand in cabinet panels and sculpted panels.

The tradition of quality

Founded by Pierre Marotte in 1947, the company specializes in the production of veneers and distinguishes itself by the rigorous selection process of European woods and exotic species. In 1958, Bernard Marotte, the son of the founder, started producing high-end cabinet panels. Marotte quickly became the benchmark brand for all designers looking to create high quality wooden furniture.

The tradition of innovation

Since Marotte was established, the company has preserved this exceptional craftsmanship geared toward innovation. Relying in particular on the advances in technological equipment, the company designs and produces new aesthetic and technical applications, achieving exceptional manufacturing quality. The first perforated acoustic panels, woven and geometric-patterned veneers, as well as marquetry panels were born, and Marotte became a pioneer in sculpted relief panels.

International know-how

Marotte’s products are exported all over the world. Marotte contributes to the international reputation of French know-how in interior design and high-end cabinetmaking.

A strategic partnership

Marotte joined the Ober group (Oberflex) in 2006. Leaders in the cabinet panels market, they both come from a long line of foresters specialized in cutting logs for veneer. In this demanding and innovative area, Marotte's know-how has endured, whether it is in the production of cabinet panels or sculpted panels, which remain its true core business.

Since 2016, Marotte products have been manufactured and distributed by Oberflex, respecting the artisanal tradition supported by a state-of-the-art industrial apparatus to guarantee the manufacturing quality that has made the brand's reputation.


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