Crack Oak & Pippy Oak is a line of decorative real wood surfaces made from wood veneers carefully chosen for their unfinished quality and singular beauty.

The collection draws its inspiration from the diversity of the environment and highlights the beauty of nature in its primal form.

Highlighting know-how and the natural singular features of wood

With this product, we decided to highlight our know-how and the gift from nature, to give veneers pride of place with their primitive charm. The challenge is to make the most of each of the wood's singular features (knots, cracks, mesh, chapping…).

Each panel is unique and handmade from PEFC-certified wood.

The Wonder Finish eco-friendly and natural finish

Crack Oak & Pippy Oak panels are part of a sustainable approach. They are coated with an eco-friendly, water-free and solvent-free single-coat oil, which protects the oak wood while preserving its natural appearance.

4 available shades:

  • Origin: Natural oak
  • Nordic: for a slightly bleached looknchi
  • Toasted: the grain merges into a soft and warm color, as if slightly roasted
  • Gold: subtly embellished with golden particles

Crack Oak & Pippy Oak panels lend an authentic or rustic touch to the interiors of offices, shops, restaurants, hotels and homes....

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