Oberflex makes it possible to create custom shades for a specific project, a store concept, etc…

Different stages are involved in producing these custom shades.

Oberflex’s marketing representative is in charge of centralizing the request in order to:

  • understand the buyer’s needs
  • gather all the information that best illustrates the buyer’s original vision
  • forward the request to the Marketing, Laboratory and Methods teams, specially set up to take care of these requests

A well-honed process for finding the right shade.

The lab technicians create several shades and test them on reduced-size, natural and untreated veneers. During this development phase, it is necessary to anticipate:

  • how the stain will migrate into the veneer based on its structural and aesthetic characteristics
  • the impact of heat lamination on the full-scale result.

The first untreated veneers showing the best results after the test go through the press. It is then possible to:

  • measure the impact of the layering on the shade
  • take corrective actions until the desired result is achieved.  

The methods engineer then takes over to check the fitness of the shade for mass production and to ensure that the result obtained in the laboratory can be reproduced with the usual industrial process. He designs an application protocol which is recorded in the research file specific to each request in anticipation of the final order. A few full-size panels are produced at this stage.

After these different stages, the completed prototypes are presented to the buyer.




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