Ober ’s materials library sets up shop in Paris

A multi-brand grouping and a single point of contact for optimal time saving.

More and more professionals are looking for the one-stop-shopping solution to save time. In response to this trend, Ober has decided to bring together a diverse array of solutions and materials from its various brands in one place where a single contact person is available to answer all the questions from professionals, regardless of the brand.

"For all those involved in a project, it offers convenience in terms of services and decision-making. We want to reinforce our multi-material strategy by leveraging the combinable nature of our materials, which are very different but complementary and hinge on the values of innovation and know-how, as well as respect for the environment," says Etienne de la Thébeaudière, Chairman and CEO of Ober.

A comprehensive and attractive space for professionals

With the Matériauthèque, Ober has created a comprehensive and attractive space for professionals that highlights the rich, complementary and easy-to-understand collections. A system of tables and bins has been specially designed to simplify the handling of samples and the visualizing of possible combinations of materials. The lighting is designed to simulate future applications with warm, neutral lights and a clever orientation.

Appropriating the materials

"At the materials library, the products are not staged. The materials are presented to professionals as is, in the form of samples large enough to make them easier to understand. The idea is to offer a welcoming and inspiring environment for professionals to make them feel comfortable working with, appropriating and appreciating the materials," says Etienne de la Thébeaudière, Ober's CEO.

Architects, interior designers, general contractors and other professionals involved in interior design are received - by appointment - to familiarize themselves with the products, and benefit from personalized advice at all stages of a project.

A tailored service for all types of projects

This is an opportunity to discover the sculpted decorative panels of the Rencontre collection by Patrick Jouin designed for wall covering, door manufacturing, or even for furniture; or to mix and match the wide range of natural and stained Oberflex veneers with the textured concrete surfaces of Concrete LCDA, whose relief brings an additional vibration. And why not combine them with a shiny or rough-rolled brushed metal panel from the Pure Paper range by designer Patrick Norguet?

A real-time acoustic panel model creator

On site, it is also possible to use an online model creator of Obersound acoustic panels, www.obersound.com, and to design one's own perforation patterns by matching them with one of the many surfaces from the Oberflex, Pure Paper or Marotte collections. Architects and/or acousticians can determine in real time the absorption performance of the created model, compile a data sheet and download the visuals in high definition.

Search for products by application, by material, by color or by texture

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