Summer 2013, in Annecy, 5 founding friends laid the first stone of what would become the Shelter brand. Their ambition: to create a brand of wooden glasses that is creative, French-made and virtuous for the environment.

From the start, Shelter worked hand in hand with Ober / Marotte, specialists in very high-end wood veneers. Their know-how and the richness of their collection of essences make it possible to bring to each frame a singular beauty and an exceptional quality.

After several years of research, associated with very advanced Marotte wood veneer techniques, Shelter has patented a new technology called "Smartwood" which now makes it possible to obtain ultra-thin wooden glasses, while improving their properties of resistance, comfort and of lightness.

Nine years later, this revolutionary complex composed of 8 linked layers of wood establishes Shelter as a reference in terms of wooden eyewear creation.

Claiming a French artisanal manufacture, no less than 90 steps are necessary to shape and give life to each eyewear, a large part of which is handmade.

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