Until 27 January 2024, the "Small spaces in the city" exhibition is looking at the design of small living and working spaces in the urban environment and raising the following question: How can we rethink small spaces as real places of well-being, while limiting the negative impact of a lifestyle that is sometimes too confined?

In response to these issues, the Roca gallery in London has specially set up a trail of existing projects from Tokyo to Hong Kong, via London and Paris.

The French architect, Jean-Christophe Petillault, JCPCDR, in charge of the exhibition's scenography, called on Oberflex to structure a fluid and thematic pathway. All the uniform furniture is made of Oberflex alder wood veneer, the symbol of a living material that is durable and adaptable, bringing warmth and functionality to the exhibition.

The exhibition is richly documented with illustrations, interviews and videos that show how designers have responded to this challenge by contributing their futuristic and avant-garde vision of small spaces. A brilliant range of projects is on show. The theme of well-being is also addressed.

It goes even further, offering creative and sustainable ideas on how to rethink small spaces. The question is also: what are its limits? Who are small living spaces for?

The exhibition shows that the future is looking positive, with new solutions for small spaces taking a more altruistic approach. Between intimacy and community, the use of natural and modular materials is combined with well-being and health.

Until 27 January 2024 at Roca London Gallery - Station Court, Townmead RD, Fulham, London.

Scenography : Jean-Christophe Petillault - Carpenter : Thibault Pitois - Designer : Tom Robinson - Curator : clare farrow

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