In case of a wall fitting, the Oberflex decorative surfaces (wood, metal, color, ...) are previously bonded on a substrate (particle board, MDF, plywood) and mechanically fastened to the partitions thanks to wooden battens or metal profiles. The Oberflex HPL sheets can never be directly applied on partitions in plaster, ciment or gypsum boards, etc.

Types of installation

The panels can be mounted vertically or horizontally.


Wall mounting system with wood ladder backers

Wall mounting system with fixing on metallic profiles

Metallic profiles available in 3 metre bars. Other lengths: please consult us




Wall mounting system with metallic profiles and screwed attachments

Metallic profiles available in 3 metre bars. Other lengths: please consult us




Oberflex assists the different actors of the project (architect, project owner, shop fitter, etc.) to create the conditions for optimal success by providing them with the technical resources of its customer service :

  • Assistance in the drafting of the CCTP (special technical specifications)
  • Image bank
  • Technical data sheets
  • Price studies
  • Technical studies - Optimization of formats and layouts
  • Installation recommendations
  • Acoustic performance
  • Environmental characteristics
  • Fire resistance
  • Special orders and specific specifications

The installation of panels is most often entrusted to a carpenter or a shop fitter who provides a full-service solution from doing a preliminary inspection and taking measurements on the premises, to the final mounting of the panels on the walls. Oberflex manufactures panels for carpenters and shop fitters:

  • in standard sizes to be modified in the workshop or on site
  • in custom sizes, ready to install, and manufactured according to a schedule of materials and plans.

Services provided by Oberflex include: 

  • Applying the Oberflex surface to a substrate,
  • Cutting and formatting,
  • Applying veneer to edging strips,
  • Cutting to shape,
  • Various machining options,
  • Acoustic perforation,
  • Corner cutting,
  • Grooving,
  • Special finishes (varnish, oil, lacquer)

The carpenter decides which services Oberflex will provide according to the organization and the means he puts in place for the project he is in charge of.



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