With an extensive offering of over 700 products, Oberflex carries the largest collection of laminate panels for covering and enhancing the look of doors.

For all types of doors and projects

Oberflex thin laminate panels can be applied to all types of doors: landing, fireproof, anti-burglary, thermally insulated or with reinforced acoustics.

Because of their compliance with the strictest standards, as well as their easy maintenance, they are perfectly suitable for all types of projects (health sector, tertiary, hospitality, public buildings...), and can be used in both new constructions and renovations.

Surface resistance is reinforced thanks to the Oberflex finish.

Doors are subjected to a lot of use. Oberflex supplies a technical and ultra resistant finish:

A large selection of decorative surfaces and suitable formats

Oberflex coverings, in real wood veneers or solid colors, are available in formats specially optimized for doors. They come with smooth or textured patterns on the surface. For aesthetic reasons or due to technical constraints, the direction of the wood grain and/or patterns can be vertical or horizontal.

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Maintenance & Upkeep

All panels are lined with the Oberflex finish and do not require any particular maintenance. It is recommended to clean them with a cloth moistened with warm water and a mild detergent.


As a specialist in wood panels for interior design, Oberflex offers the option of harmonizing door coverings with other panels for walls, ceilings, floors, partitions or furniture.

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