What is HEQ

The HQE (High Quality Environmental Standard) is an approach that was launched in 1996 and is aimed at controlling the environmental impacts of a building construction or renovation project: consumption of natural resources, waste management, noise pollution...

This HQE concept includes a set of objectives defined at the time of design. The requirements concern the respect and protection of the outdoor environment, as well as the creation of an adequate indoor environment, i.e. comfortable and healthy.

Oberflex’s pledge of ecoresponsibility

Oberflex is committed to its clients' HQE approach and provides them, through its products, with effective solutions in terms of environmental protection. The program of rational environmental management implemented by the management of the Ober Group requires, for example, that waste from production be recycled and/or reused as much as possible through appropriate procedures (energy recovery, recycling of raw materials, etc.).

With its expertise, Oberflex provides precise answers that help in the assessment of projects’ environmental performance. These answers hinge on the characteristics of materials, energy consumption, maintenance and comfort of use.

The HQE approach

For HQE buildings, Oberflex products meet the targets:

  • Air quality
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Visual comfort
  • Energy management
  • Low-noise construction sites
  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • End-of-life recovery



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